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Toowoomba Parks in the Spring | Carnival of Flowers 2019

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

As Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers comes to end, I share with you my personal tour of the parks during this beautiful and special week. This is our last experience of the Carnival of Flowers, for we will be moving out of the country next year. This being the 70th Anniversary of the Carnival of Flower, we really wanted to experience all the beauty and splendor of this time of year. What better way to do this than to capture it.

The past week I visited: Queens Park Botanical Gardens, Laurel Bank Park, Spring Bluff, Picnic Point, Japanese Garden, Boyce Garden and Rainforest, and Peacehaven Botanical Park. I did visit the Newtown Park State Rose Garden, however there wasn't much there to photograph. But when the roses bloom, I will be there to capture it.

I hope that you enjoy the images as much as I have enjoyed park hopping and capturing them.

*All images are copyright property of Tina Ebenal Photography*

Queen's Park Botanical Gardens

Laurel Bank Park

Spring Bluff Railway Station

Japanese Gardens

Picnic Point

Boyce Gardens & Rainforest

Peacehaven Botanical Park

*All images are copyright property of Tina Ebenal Photography**

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