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Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Cooking for me has always been something I enjoy and therapeutic for me. By no means am I a chef (that is my younger brother), but it brings me joy to be able to cook for my family. I grew up with home cooked meals and I learned how to cook from my mother. Many of my favorite memories are those of home cooked meals, the family together for dinners, and special holiday dinners. To be able to do that for my own family, brings me a sense of fulfillment.

What began as a personal project of making a family cookbook of family recipes, turned out to be something more. I combine my love of cooking with my profession and passion of photography. Creating food photography.

Before the current situation of the world, I began working on publishing a cookbook. But unfortunately most printing has been delayed. So I decided to share some of those recipes through this blog. Some of the recipes are family recipes that I grew up with and have adapted to my family and some are recipes that my family enjoys. And many of these recipes I have had to adapt and change due to living in Australia where they do not have certain ingredients as the USA.

Living in a different country and culture has not only given me an appreciation for cooking, but it has taught me to adapt and improve. An example of this would be cooking Mexican-inspired dishes. My husband and I both enjoy Mexican, but it is not a common cuisine here in Australia. So many of the dishes I have used more fresh ingredients like green chili instead of canned that is called for in a recipes, or making pico de gallo. They not only have improved the recipes, but we like them a lot more. Another example of differences is using ground chili pepper. When we first moved to Australia, I made tacos with my own taco seasoning by adding the amount of ground chili pepper that I would have in the US. However, it was so overwhelming powerful, we couldn't eat. After doing some research, we learned that there was a difference in Australian ground chili pepper powder and American. In American, it is a blend of spices. Where in Australia it is straight chilis and sometimes they use hotter chilis.

As part of the enjoyment of cooking, I love to entertain and cook for more than just family. I have also adapted many of my dishes to be vegetarian since some of our family and friends are vegetarian. I have also adapted many recipes to allow my daughter to help who loves to cook and bake with me.

My goal with sharing recipes is to bring inspiration and joy to anyone who uses them. I am also able to explore and use my photography skills in this project as well. I am always open to new ideas, what readers would like to see, and recommendations.

*All images are copyright property of Tina Ebenal Photography and only used for personal uses. Recipes are only to be used for personal use*

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