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Carnival of Flowers Parade 2019

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The Carnival of Flowers is the biggest event in the area. With extravagant floral displays in the local parks and gardens; a weekend filled with events like the Food and Wine Festivals and carnival rides; and a parade. This year is the 70th Anniversary of the COF. It is also, sadly, my last COF before moving next year. So this year I wanted to capture as much as I can of the Carnival. The Carnival lasts for a week. But this past weekend was the parade. The parade also had a special event ahead of it. The 7th Signal Regiment of The Australian Army marched in a ceremony called "Freedom of Entry into a City." They marched ahead of the parade. My husband had the honor of being in it as well.

My littles enjoyed seeing their Daddy and the military march, Princesses (Magic and Munchkins), Jack Sparrow, stilt performers, dancers, and of course all the beautiful floral floats.

During the week of the Carnival, I will be visiting the local gardens and parks capturing and documenting the beauty of Toowoomba. Stay tuned for more posts of beautiful flowers, gardens, and parks!

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