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Beauty in the Garden | Laurel Bank Park

Updated: Apr 13

Spring has sprung in Toowoomba! The parks and gardens are getting ready for the biggest event in the area, the Carnival of Flowers. The parks are in full bloom! The perfect time and backdrop for sessions!

What better way to kick off the spring than with a session with Beauty. This session featured Beauty in her blue and white Village Dress. Once again working with the creative mind of Magic and Munchkins Entertainment, we created a beautiful session with spring flowers and Belle at Laurel Bank Park.

We know that we caught the eye of many visitors. Did you happen to see Belle at the park this past weekend?

These Princess Sessions with Magic and Munchkins Entertainment are photographed in the beautiful parks and gardens of Toowoomba. Showcasing the beauty of the city in each of these sessions. Be on the look out for more sessions and princesses in the parks!

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