• Tina Ebenal

The Caped Crusader

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I have been wanting to do a creative superhero session for awhile and that dream finally came true with none other than...the Caped Crusader. (Who is my favorite!) I had an amazing opportunity to work with not only the Caped Crusader, but his custom built car that he built himself! I never thought I would see, or even work with the Caped Crusader in Toowoomba. To top it all off, we had an awesome industrual location that tied the whole session together.

The session came out better than I had expected or even dreamed. This session pushed my creative side and made me step out of my comfort zone with my editing allowing me to demonstrate my creative side.

I cannot thank Batmobile QLD enough for this opportunity and his time to make this session happen.

*All images are copyright property of Tina Ebenal Photography*

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