• Tina Ebenal

Importance of Photography

I lost my father to his long battle with brain cancer a couple of weeks ago. He was given two years to live, but he fought for seven. You never truly realize what was important in someone's life until they are gone. For my father, it was family. Even though there have been rough times during these past 7 years on everyone, especially my mother who was at my father's side unconditionally through everything; my father loved his family.

After his death, I found every CD, USB, hard drive, etc. that had pictures on it of the family. I didn't realize how much there were. He wasn't a photographer, but he loved taking pictures. He always took pictures of our family. From milestones to vacations to just hanging around the house. He took pictures on his camera or phone. Before that, it was prints (which I will be scanning and making phonebooks for the family). It is those memories that we can cherish. I do have regrets. Regrets that I didn't take more pictures with him. But I do have the ones that I did, especially from my wedding and before my family moved overseas.

The last saved picture he had on his phone was one of when my youngest was born. But he has separate folders of images of everyone from the family.

The Christmas before we moved to Australia, my beautiful and wonderful mentor and best friend Holly, did portraits of the family. This was not only the last time we were all together, but we were able to capture this moment before my father got worse.

These past couple years have been the worst as far as being away from family and feeling useless because I couldn't help. I wanted to do family pictures this past Christmas when we visited, but my father was in the hospital and not wanting to do them.

These images that I do have are cherished memories. Especially our last family portraits. We can remember him as he was, how great it was to have the whole family together after such a long time, and know that he loved us as much as we loved him.

With my whole heart that this is why I love what I do. To capture moments in time that can be looked back upon by friends, family, and future generations. Life is unpredictable.

Photography Credit: Xpression Photography

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