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The Importance of a Professional Headshot

Standout in a world of Snapchat filters and selfies. We live in a visual and digital world where visual representations of our ourselves, products, brands, etc. are essential keys to our personal and professional lives. Every social media platform requires a profile picture, that image plays an important role in impacting and promoting you as a professional or promoting your brand. There are several reasons why it is important to invest in having a professional headshot.

1. Introduction

First impression is everything! Clients and employers use social media and websites to learn about you and your business. Making a positive impression is essential. Having a professional headshot versus your cell phone selfie or images can make or break your business and gaining potential clients.

2. Branding - the association with product

Your professional headshot should be a representation of your style and brand. It is what clients and employers will use to associate with your product.

3. Shows a level of professionalism that a selfie with a cell phone does not provide.

We all can see the difference between professional photography and phots taken with a cell phone. If you can notice the difference, so can clients and employers. In a visual age, most individuals will gloss over anything that is not visually appealing or even give it a first or second glance. But when you have professional, high-quality images, people will notice.

4. You are invested in your brand/style.

Having a professional headshot is an investment in yourself and it will demonstrate that you care about your brand/style/product that you want it to be well represented in the highest quality. It shows that you are confident, well prepared, and willing to go the extra mile.

A professional photographer will know how to represent you in the best way possible. They will be able to give you advice on backdrops, lighting, posing, and even what to wear to get the best possible shot. Investing in a professional photographer with the knowledge will provide you with a high quality headshot that represents you, your brand, and your style. An amateur photographer can actually make you end up looking nothing like yourself and may not always be the best quality. If you want to be seen as a professional, invest in professional services that can provide you with the best quality. You know that you are worth it and your brand is worth it, so why not have the professional photography to represent it?

Professional Headshot Session with Magic & Munchkins Entertainment.

Cast out of costume.

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