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Once Upon A Time Session

Updated: Apr 13

Up until now, I have been working with Magic and Munchkins on providing professional photography for their business, but I haven't had the opportunity to witness what it was they did or how they interacted with children. This past weekend they invited my three year old to participate in their promotional video shoot to showcase what the company actually does. Not knowing how my little girl was going to react, I brought my camera along and was going to play it by ear to see if she would be comfortable enough for me to do photography.

As soon as she saw the two princesses, she was excited and in love. She ran towards them with a huge smile. The princesses introduced themselves as the characters they were portraying and never broke character. It was truly and enhancing experience.

They always remain in their role as the character they are portraying. The owner of Magic and Munchkins brings this enchantment to Toowoomba. Her cast of characters do the same thing. They talk, sings, and act as the character they are portraying. She provides guest and children with a real-life experience.

During this Once Upon A Time session, the princesses played, sang, danced, dressed up, twirled, and read with Amelia. Never breaking character at any time. Amelia had a smile on her face the entire time. She was enchanted.

Witnessing this as a parent was magical. Seeing how excited my child was and how amazing these ladies were with interacting, participating, and keeping her attention the entire time. But also going with the flow. Once they noticed Amelia was ready to do something else, they adjusted and adapted.

When the session was over and Amelia was ready to go home, we decided to do a few portraits. During this, we were interrupted by star-struck visitors who wanted to see the princesses. Without hesitation, the ladies went into character and interacted with their visitors. The looks on these little girls' faces were priceless.

In addition to their amazing performances, Magic and Munchkins also provides each of the characters with the most theme-park authentic costumes; from wigs to costumes to make up. Providing the most authentic, realistic characters that they can.

I feel so honored being a part of this magical group. Especially now that I had the opportunity to see them in action and how they interact with children. It is truly a magical expierence to behold.

Magic and Munchkins:

Facebook: @magicandmunchkins

Website: www.magicandmunchkins.com.au

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