• Tina Ebenal

Equestrian Session of Dreams

2019 has already begun to be an awesome year for my photography with amazing sessions and big plans. This past weekend was no exception with my first equestrian session.

Stepping out of my comfort and into the unknown for me, this session was with two beautiful equestrian ladies. We had the Australian countryside as our backdrop during the golden hour. The images came out breathtaking!

The challenges that I loved about this session were the changing light that created different effects, the horses, and the girls riding. It is difficult to know how animals will be during a session, but he horses were very gentle and worked very well with us. Riding....oh my goodness....these ladies and the horses were beautiful! There were nothing but smiles as the girls rode.

I am so glad this session was organized. It was a new and exciting challenge and experience that allowed me to witness whole new world. And thank you to these lovely ladies for making the session so much fun!

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