• Tina Ebenal

The Machin Family

The bittersweet moment has come. We have been planning this family session for a while and it has come and gone. It is bittersweet because of the excitement of the session but it also marks the end and beginning of a new chapter in their lives and ours.

The Machin Family was one of the first families we met when we moved to Australia. They are an Australian Army family and, like the US military, it is their time to move to a new location.

Life with the military is bittersweet, no matter what country you live in. We meet new families and people from different walks of life. We get to know them, our children play together, our spouses work together, we support each other through the rough times, and you rely one another because they understand what you are doing through during the worst and best of times. But this is only temporary...and then it comes time to move. Thus is the way of military life. But the bond and relationships that you create stay with you forever.

These short 18 months, we have watched both our families grow and change. They have helped us acclimate into Aussie culture. We can not thank them enough for all their love, support, and help that they have given us.

Although it is good-bye now, it is not forever. We already have plans in the works to visit at their new duty station during our last 18 months in Australia. Hopefully one day they will venture to the US (maybe even get stationed!) to visit us!

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