• Tina Ebenal

Lady in Red

"I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself" - Emma Stone

Rain, wind, no sun, and attacking birds...this was our Lady in Red session this past weekend. It may sound like the elements to a horrible session, but let me tell you, my lovely friend ROCKED IT and it was amazing!

At the last minute, this gorgeous lady helped me with an impromptu model shoot. The weather all day was looking great. My idea was to shoot during the golden hour light. As the day progressed, rain clouds started to roll in. When we thought about calling it off, the rains stopped and we decided to go ahead with the session. I am so glad we did! Even though the sun never came out, we pulled off an amazing session with some great Australian landscape. We worked with what we had in the small window of opportunity between rain and the last light of the day.

The dress is a floor length red mermaid gown by Adranna Pappell. Looked absolutely stunning! It was the pop of color I was wanting with all the greenery of the landscape. The lighting of the day with the clouds and sprinkles of rain, gave the compositions the right amount of dark element to allow the model and the dress to stand out. I wanted her to especially stand out in the images of the lake, where I am at a distance. You see her. You can pick her out in the composition. She is the subject and the statement.

Although I had envisioned something entirely different with this session, I am extremely happy that it didn't go according to plan. Not only did we get some amazing images, but my lovely friend felt beautiful and she had fun. That is what matters to me. That is what made our session successful. Our session resulted in both of us walking away loving the session.

She is a mother of three, a military spouse, and a full-time mother. As many know, getting time for ourselves is not easy or even a priority. Mothers put their children and families first before themselves. Mothers have a thousands things going on in a single moment.

We were able to (even if it was a short time) escape into a moment in time where nothing else mattered but her. She was the gorgeous woman in the red dress. Looking at her you didn't know her story. You can only guess what she is thinking and how she might be feeling in that gown. For a moment, it was all about her. The world revolved around her. And when that moment was over, she walked away feeling good about herself. Feeling beautiful.

I couldn't predict how this session was going to go with the uncertainty of the weather. We both worked with the elements that were given to us. We had fun and we have a great story and memory as a result.

Model: Rebecca Machin | Dress: Adranna Pappell | Location: Peacehaven Park, Highfields, QLD, Australia

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