• Tina Ebenal

Jay & Steven | 'The White House' | Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

Dubbed 'The White House," this magnificent venue held the wedding of Jay & Steven. An amazing, fun, and goofy couple, who loved their two adorable fur baby dachshunds, Tripp and Poppie.

Their wedding was my first of 2018 and I couldn't have been more excited and honored to a part of their day, being their photographer. The venue was truly beautiful and situated right outside of the city of Toowoomba. Their wedding was my second Australian wedding, but my first traditional Aussie wedding. They were very patient with me in learning the Aussie wedding culture. (In which there are many differences and similarities)

There was never a dull moment during their wedding. They are so loving and fun, making sure everyone was having a great time. The venue reminded me of an American southern plantation home with a two story grand house with window balconies and a grand staircase inside. They kept their wedding simple but elegant. Holding the ceremony and reception in the back of the house.

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