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Settling in Down Under

Happy 4th of July from Down Under!!

It has been a while since I have written. We are finally starting to move to our new home in Toowoomba, Australia. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of stress of living in a hotel with a toddler, doctors appointments, house hunting, and living with very minimal possessions until our household shipment arrives. With that, I haven't had many opportunities to shoot until just recently. The American family that we replaced, I did a mini session for them as a going away present and a thank you for helping us transition when we got here. Since then we have been busy. This past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot at the Darling Downs Zoo. We loved it and our daughter absolutely loved seeing all the animals. You can see the images on my Aussie Adventure blog: ebenalsdownunder.wordpress.com.

Nature and wildlife is what inspired my love for photography. It was nature and landscape that got me back into photography last fall and helped me make the decision to purse my passion.

As with any move, it is difficult to get reestablished. Especially when it is in another country. But I will be relaunching my photography business in August focusing on portraiture and building a portfolio while I am here. I really love wedding photography and my goal is to eventually to get back into that industry when I get back to the US. Over the next couple of years I am just going to learn all that I can about the wedding photography business. I believe in knowledge and I know there are a lot of individuals who believe that they can just take a leap into the wedding photography business without any experience or truly understanding the complexity of it. I have shadowed a handful of weddings under the guidance of a successful wedding photographer and there is a lot to consider and understand. And I want to be fully prepare to the best of my abilities before taking that leap. I want to be successful. And to be successful, there needs to be patience and learning. Learning from personal mistakes, learning from others, and knowing that its not just about you and your photography, it is about the individuals who chose you to be their photographer on their special day. There is a lot of pressure! But it is a challenge that I want pursue.

Although I have my doubts that I will be getting into wedding here. I am all for it if I can and would LOVE it if it does happen. But I am going to focus on portraiture and improving my skills, learn to be more creative, and learn all that I can about the wedding photography industry.

It helps when my husband is my biggest supporter. He pushes me everyday to be better, reminds me to take my camera even when we go on short walks, and wants me to be successful in this industry.

Here is to a successful couple of years in Australia!!

Have a wonderful and safe 4th!!!

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