• Tina Ebenal

Maternity Session on the Beach

"You are my love, my protector, my hero, and no matter the distance, I will always wait for you."


Military life is tough as a spouse and you have to be strong for not only yourself, but for your spouse who is deployed and for your family. Being a military wife and have gone through two deployments, I understand the struggles that each day possesses and I would never have been able to get through it without the help of friends and family. But it is also important to know that every deployment is different and everyone handles it differently. And there is never a good time in the military to be pregnant. However, the fact never changes that we are always waiting for our love one to come back to us safely.

Living along the coast in North Caroline, I have been waiting for an opportunity to do a photo session at the beach. My beautiful friend, Aubrey, wanted to do her maternity session at the beach. Although it was chilly and windy, we could not have asked for a better morning along the Emerald Isle Beach. Aubrey wore the white maternity gown that I made for a majority of the session, but we both liked the idea of adding a patriotic theme using an American flag. I had found an American flag scarf that was perfect. It was light weight, it flowed with the wind, and we layered it on top of the white gown.

We also added to the session, her husband's dog tags. Her husband is deployed and has been for a majority of her pregnancy. He will most likely miss the birth of their child. But it will be a joyous reunion when he does come home to meet his child for the first time. So we wanted to include him in the session.

I love this couple and they are truly amazing. Our husbands use to work together and are friends, and as a result Aubrey and I became friends. I don't know what I would have done with them during my husband's last deployment when it was just me and our infant daughter. I am so happy that we can be there for them like they were for us. Giving them this beautiful photography session is just one way of showing them how much we love them. Aubrey is a beautiful and stunning individual inside and out. A strong and independent woman who is gorgeous pregnant!

Although Aubrey is a friend, I am not going to lie to say that I wasn't nervous about this shoot. This was my first shoot on the beach and at sunrise. I am very happy with the result of my images.

I am really sad that I won't be here to meet their son. But I know that one day our lives will cross again.

Here are a few from the shoot with this gorgeous Mama-to-be!

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