• Tina Ebenal

Wedding in Luray, Virginia

A few weeks ago I had another amazing opportunity to shadow Holly from Xpression Photography at a wedding in Lurary, Virginia. This beautiful, simple, and elegant wedding took place at Faithbrooke Barn and Vineyard. A beautiful venue nestled in the mountains with a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge.

For this wedding I was a lot more confident, more prepared, and knew what to expect. I love the rush and chaos of a wedding and the adrenaline rush to make sure you get all the necessary photos. It is stressful but exciting.

This wedding I also wanted to focus on my exposures, posing, and details. Working with Holly I learn so much of not only the technical skill side, but the business side of wedding photography and the need to be creative with shots. I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Holly at another wedding because she allows me to be creative, ask questions, and she helps and guides me through what I need to do to be successful and to grow my skills. Even though she is there to work and is busy, she still takes the time to teach.

I am really happy with how my images came out. I feel more confident. I feel like I am taking better images, creatively and technically.

I love wedding photography. I hope that I am able to pursue it in the next two years in Australia and over the next two years I can work towards becoming a better wedding photographer.

Here are just a few of my images.

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