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Disney World

A few weeks ago my husband surprised my daughter and I with a trip to Disney World that we took last week. The reason for this trip was not only did we need some family time and a break from the chaos of preparing to move to Australia, but because we wouldn't be going to Disney in the next 2-3 years while we are in Australia. I am a little obsessed with Disney and Disney World and my husband likes to gently remind me that we have gone to Disney World almost every year we have been together (not to mention my 30+ times before we were together). Regardless, we needed some family time and the only way we seem to get uninterrupted family time is to take a vacation.

Even on vacation, I didn't miss the opportunity to do some photography, especially travel photography since that will be what I will be mostly doing over the next couple of years in Australia. For this trip, I only brought one lens to the parks. My 35mm and it was the best choice. I am very happy with how these images came out. I took more than what I have posted. But these are some of my favorites.

We spent a week in Florida, but four days at each of the parks. We were also fortunate enough to have Easter brunch at one of the resorts. One of the many things that I love about the parks and the resorts is how picturesque they are and there is so many opportunities to be creative. The only park that I did not get many images of was Disney's Hollywood Studios because there is so much construction going on at the moment. But I made up with the other parks. I also was hoping to practice some nighttime and low light at the parks, but unfortunately our 1 year could only do the mornings and by the time we could come back for the nighttime events, it would have been her bedtime and that is not a fun time with a grumpy toddler. But there is always future opportunities.

Our vacation began on Easter with Brunch with the characters and a walk around Disney Springs. We have very active toddler who is always on the move and its hard to get any pictures her being still. But she loved seeing the characters and interacting with them.

The next day we went to the Magic Kingdom. There were some many creative opportunities. Here are some of the few that I took.

EPCOT is my favorite park, especially the World Showcase because I love traveling and learning about new cultures. The Flower and Garden Festival was also going on at the park.

I only got a few shots at Disney's Hollywood Studios. There was a lot of construction going with the additions of the two new lands. So the opportunities I was hoping for, I wasn't able to get to.

Animal Kingdom is the family favorite with a lot of opportunity to practice wildlife photography. The challenge was on the Safari. I just upped my shutter speed and prayed they came out. Most of the animal images, I cropped.

I was so sad to leave, but we had an amazing time. Our daughter had so much fun. She is fearless and would go on roller coasters. I can't wait for future trips!

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