• Tina Ebenal

Photographing Virginia Beach

Last weekend, my daughter and I traveled to Virginia Beach to visit my husband who is doing training in the area. I took every opportunity I could to photograph.

The Virginia Aquarium

I have always had a fascination with aquariums and sea life. My one year old loves watching "Finding Nemo" and "Finding Dory"and gets excited to see the fish at Petsmart. It was no surprise that she was excited and mesmerized by the fish, sharks, and other sea life.

Sun Rise on the Beach

When visiting the beach, a sunrise photo shoot is a must. However, the morning that I chose to try and shoot was an extremely cold and overcast one. Instead of being disappointed that I didn't get that desired shot of the sun peaking over the horizon with the vibrant colored sky, I shot what was given me. I love how these images came out. Blustery, shades of gray and blue, and the feel of winter. Not your everyday beach sunrise.

First Landing State Park

We are an outdoors and hiking family. When there is an opportunity for an outdoor adventure, we take it. First Landing State Park was a gem of a find for our weekend. Trails wound around swamps with Spanish moss draping from the tree that reflected off the pooled water. The weather was wonderful that afternoon for a short hike.

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